Recycle Today for Wickenburg's Tomorrow!
The Public Works Department oversees the recycling program as a division of its Sanitation service. Curbside recycling collection, which began in 2011, has significantly increased the volume of diversion from the normal waste stream. Annually, Wickenburg residents divert nearly 700 tons of recycling. This diversion is not only environmentally friendly; it reduces expenses and creates revenue to help offset the rising costs of operating the sanitation service.
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Electronics Recycling Event

A Drop-Off Site Will Be Located at

Public Services Center

553 West Wickenburg Way

(In Back Parking Lot – Use East Driveway to Enter)

Saturday November 2, 2019

 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Flyer and details list

Materials Accepted in the Recycling Program
Aluminum Household aluminum products, such as beverage cans, foil baking pans and aluminum foil. Please remove any food.
Brown Paper Bags Grocery bags
Cardboard Moving and packing boxes. Please break down boxes to conserve space. No Styrofoam packing materials are accepted.
Food and Drink Cartons Milk, juice and creamer containers.
Chipboard Cereal, cracker, cake mix and other food boxes. Please remove plastic inserts.
Glass Bottles and Jars Glass of any color is now being accepted and can be added into the mix. Remove any lids and add them separately.
Newspaper Including advertising inserts.
Paper - Mixed Magazines, junk mail, office paper, catalogs and phone books.
#1 - #7 Plastics (Please - No plastic bags, grocery bags or Styrofoam) Look for the number, inside the recycling arrows on the container.
Steel / Tin Cans Fruit, soup, vegetable and pet food cans.
Grocery Bags - No shredded paper, plastic bags or grocery bags are accepted at the recycling center! Grocery bags can be returned to both Basha’s and Safeway Food Stores in Wickenburg.
Recycling Tips
Please keep these items out of your recycling bin: plastic bags, plastic wrap, grocery bags, styrofoam, yard waste, napkins, diapers, facial and toilet tissue, paper plates, waxed paperboard or shredded paper!

Please dispose of your recyclables loose. You may co-mingle (mix) all of these materials- no need to sort! Please drain beverages and rinse food particles out of recyclables to minimize odor and flies.