FAQ - Color Event

Do I have to be a great runner to compete in this event?

Absolutely not! This is a fun run/walk event. This event is non-competitive and it is not timed. 
You may complete the course by running, jogging, or walking.

What is included with my registration?

Each kit includes:

·        1 t-shirt

·        1 individual packet of color powder (colors are assorted)

·        1 pair of sunglasses

·        1 inspirational bracelet

·        1 sticker

·        2 assorted temporary tattoos

Does this race support a charity?

Funds from Color Me Wickenburg do not support a charity at this time.
Currently all proceeds go to meet the cost of hosting the event.

Who can participate?

We encourage all ages to participate.

Can I run with my pets?

For the safety of our participates no pets are allowed.

What is a color station?

This is an area you run through during the event where volunteers throw colored powder.
This creates a fun color shower.

Will the powder damage my clothing?

Most of the color should wash out after the event. It is best to wear items that you don’t mind getting color on and 100% cotton clothing is recommended. It is suggested to wash items you wear to the event separate from other laundry. We encourage participants to actually wear white and preserve their clothing after the event as a keepsake. Several videos on YouTube show you how you can set the color with basic home ingredients such as vinegar.

Is the powder dangerous?

We use powder created by Color Blaze. Their powders are made of high-quality cornstarch, food dyes, and baking soda. They are 100% FD&C and/or D&C approved. The powder is made from fire retardant materials. It is also gluten free and does not contain dairy, nuts, wheat, soy, or other common allergens. As tasty as that sounds, we do not recommend eating the powder.

Is this a timed event?

No, this is not a timed event. If you are wondering how quickly you can complete the course we recommend self-timing. However, 99% of the fun at a color event is stopping and playing in the color and taking pictures with friends.

What if I have additional questions?

Call 928-668-0552 or email: sbrown@wickenburgaz.org