Fire Department

"Dedicated to the Safety and Protection of the People."

The Wickenburg Fire Department was first organized in 1865. The first constitution was adopted in 1937 in Maricopa county. In 1976, the Wickenburg Volunteer Fire Department, Ltd., was incorporated.

Our Responsibilities
The department is responsible for emergency response throughout the Wickenburg area. Uniquely, Wickenburg Fire is both a department of the Town of Wickenburg and a separate special district which serves the rural area surrounding the incorporated town.

Our Equipment & Employees
The department currently has 1 station staffed full time with another station planned to be built within the next 3 years. All firefighters are Arizona certified Firefighter / EMT as well as areas of Emergency Management, Wild land firefighting and Command and TRT special operations. The Wickenburg Fire Department covers approximately 88 square miles.

Frequently Asked Questions
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