1. Administration

    The Manager's Office oversees all town departments.

  2. Agendas and Minutes

    Find agendas and minutes.

  3. Town Council Packets

    Find the entire packet for the Town Council meeting.

  4. Town Council

    Look up information about the town council.

  5. Participatory Budgeting

    Participatory Budgeting gives ordinary people real decision-making power over real money in order to make our Town a better place to live!

  6. Council Strategic Plan

    See the priority areas and goals set by the Town Council.

  7. Commissions, Committees & Boards

    Review the commissions, committees and boards of Wickenburg.

  8. Management Team

    Please find pictures of the Management Team for the Town of Wickenburg.

  9. Open Meeting Law

    Read the open meeting law.

  10. Organizational Chart

    Please find the organizational chart for the Town of Wickenburg showing the departments and their responsibilities.