General Plan

The General Plan is our vision and long range plan for how the community would like to see Wickenburg evolve over time. It sets the framework for rational decision making and was adopted by Town Council on April 1, 2013 and approved by the voters on August 27, 2013.

Elements of Plan

The Elements that are included in the General Plan are:
  • Land Use Element
  • Transportation Element
  • Open Space Element
  • Water Resources Element
  • Environmental Planning Element
  • Growth Areas Element
  • Cost of Development Element
The General Plan also includes an Implementation Program which includes 4 interrelated components. They are: General Plan Amendment procedures; a phased action program that outlines step-by-step achievements to accomplish the stated Goals; a Plan monitoring process for measuring performance; and land use decision keys to assist in evaluating proposed development projects and assure their consistency with General Plan principles.