Trash Collection

The Town of Wickenburg proudly provided sanitation services to its residents since 1924. Currently curbside collection of solid waste is provided once per week and curbside collection of recycling is provided once per week. Solid waste is typically collected on Mondays or Tuesdays. Recycling is typically collected on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Exact collection days are determined by the location of the residence.

The Town of Wickenburg Sanitation Department is responsible for collecting and transporting more than 4,800 tons of solid waste and over 650 tons of recycling per year.

Report Missing / Damaged Containers

To report a missing or damaged container, begin new service, change or discontinue service, contact the Utility Department at Town Hall 928-668-0520. To report issues with your collection service, contact the Sanitation Department at 928-668-0558 or by email. Service requests can also be submitted by using the online portal.

Here are a few rules and regulations to ensure uninterrupted service. The following tips will help expedite the collection of solid waste and recycling, prevent the destruction of the sanitation containers and equipment, and preserve the appearance of the community.
  • All trash must be bagged and tied in your trash container to reduce odor, reduce insect problems and prevent debris from falling out of the truck's hopper during the dump cycle. The exception to this is recycling.
  • Recyclables must be placed loose in the blue container. Only items on the approved recycling list should be placed in the recycling container. No plastic bags, shredded paper or hazardous waste. Visit the recycling page for more information.
  • Please place container curbside, with handle side away from the curb, by 6 a.m. on your pick-up days. Route times are subject to change to meet the demands of the Sanitation Department.
  • Your sanitation container must have 5 foot clearance on all sides from posts, mailboxes, fences, vehicles and any other items for access with the truck's arm. Your container cannot be emptied if it is blocked.
  • Please do not place hazardous materials, construction materials, heavy or bulky metal items in your container. Only regular household trash and small quantities of lawn debris are acceptable. All items must be bagged and tied.
  • Please do not overfill containers. Lids should be able to close completely that contents will remain intact until dumped. There is a 200 pounds weight limit for the truck arms and the containers.
Please contact Town Hall to report damaged or missing containers at 928-668-0520.

Holiday Collection Schedule

Holidays may alter your collection schedule. The 2021 HOLIDAY COLLECTION SCHEDULE can be found on the Town of Wickenburg website. 

Green waste (Brush) Collection

The Sanitation Department provides green waste pick-up by request and for a fee. Contact the Utility Department at 928-668-0520 to schedule your greenwaste pick-ups. This service is limited to less than 5 cubic yards of material at any 1 time and restricted to no more than 2 pick-ups per year. Green waste must be placed curbside, in a neat pile, cut into lengths no longer than 6 feet with loose leaves and small pieces bagged. Other debris, garbage, dirt, or construction materials cannot be mixed in the pile.

Bulk Trash Collection (Dump Days)

The Town of Wickenburg makes every attempt to hold an annual bulk trash collection event known as "Dump Days". This event is typically held during the month of April and is advertised in the Town website calendar and typically printed on utility bills in March. Please refer to these sources for date information. If you have questions regarding materials that can be accepted at this event, please contact the Sanitation Department more information at 928 668 0557.