Operation Medicine Cabinet

Operation Medicine CabinetThe Wickenburg Police Department is working together with community and business partners to tackle the issues related to the improper disposal of prescription drugs, and would like to invite you to take advantage of a new community service program, Operation Medicine Cabinet (OMC).

Harmful Chemicals
OMC allows members of the community to clear out medicine cabinets and dispose of outdated or unused prescription drugs in an environmentally safe manner. Recent studies have revealed that many of the substances that have been dumped down the toilet or thrown into landfills are now showing up in our watersheds, streams, and lakes. Removing and disposing of these drugs properly is also important because it helps to keep prescription drugs out of the hands of unauthorized users.

Seniors may have trouble keeping track of a large number of drugs they are prescribed. Operation Medicine Cabinet allows seniors to dispose of prescription drugs that are samples packaged, no longer needed or outdated.

Our Service to You
The program provides citizens a convenient venue for properly disposing of expired and/or unused prescriptions at the Wickenburg Police Department. The creation of this program illustrates our strong commitment to keeping all of our citizens safer, protecting our young people from the harmful misuse of prescription drugs, understanding the needs of seniors, and the environmental implications related to the improper or unsafe disposal of medications. In other jurisdictions, Operation Medicine Cabinet has received overwhelming support from the community, other law enforcement groups, senior and youth advocacy groups, and medical and health professionals.

Do you or any of your loved ones have a cabinet full of outdated or unused medicines? This is the perfect opportunity to dispose of these items properly. Tell your friends and neighbors about Operation Medicine Cabinet!

Over the Counter Drugs
Prescription Drugs Only Please! Do NOT drop over-the-counter drugs or medicines into our drop boxes.