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The Town of Wickenburg Sanitation Department is responsible for collecting and transporting more than 6,000 tons of residential and commercial solid waste per year.  Public Works can be reached at 928-684-2761 x301 or via email.  

Collection Regulations:

Each resident is provided with a 90-gallon or shared trash receptacle designed to work with the Town’s automated collection system. The following tips will help expedite the collection of solid waste, prevent the destruction of the sanitation containers and equipment, and preserve the appearance of the community.


  • PLEASE BAG AND TIE ALL TRASH placed in your container to reduce odor, reduce insect problems and prevent debris from spilling or flying out of the truck's hopper during the dump cycle.


  • Please place container curbside, with handle side closest to your home, by 6 a.m. on your pick-up days. Route times are subject to change to meet the demands of the Sanitation Department.


  • Your sanitation container must have 5 ft clearance on all sides for access with the truck's arms. Your container cannot be emptied if it is blocked.


  • Please do not place hazardous materials, construction materials, heavy or bulky metal items in your container. Only regular household trash and small quantities of lawn debris are acceptable. Bulky items, such as cardboard boxes should be broken down or cut up to prevent jamming in the container. Prohibited items include: dirt, sod, rocks, concrete, bricks, roofing / construction materials, auto parts, batteries, tires, ashes, flammable materials, ammunition, guns, oil, gas, paint or any other hazardous materials.


  • Avoid overfilling containers. Lids should be closed to ensure the gripper arm of the truck can grasp the container and that contents will remain intact until dumped . . . and the weight limit is 200 pounds.


 Please contact the Public Works Department to replace damaged or missing containers.

Collection Schedule:

Residential collection days are either Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays, from 6:00 a.m. until 3 p.m., except when a holiday falls during that week.

Holiday Trash Collection Schedule:

The holiday trash collection schedule can be found on the Town of Wickenburg calendar or the Town’s Information Channel 4.

Greenwaste (Brush) Recycling:

The Town’s Greenwaste (brush) Collection Site at the old landfill area has been closed. The nearest disposal site is Sickles Sanitation, located at the west end of the Industrial Park on Industrial Road. Contact Sickles Sanitation at (928) 684-0303 for more information. The Town will continue its curbside pick up for those residents unable to transport materials. Contact the Public Works Department to be placed on a pick up list. Brush must be placed curbside, in a neat pile, cut into lengths no longer than 6 feet with loose leaves and small pieces bagged. Other debris, garbage, dirt, or construction materials cannot be mixed in the piles.

Bulk Trash Collection (Dump Days):

The Town of Wickenburg makes every attempt to hold an annual bulk trash collection event known as “Dump Days”. This event is typically held during the month of April and is advertised in the Town Calendar, on the Town’s Information Channel (Cable Channel 4), printed on utility bills and posted on this website by March 15th. Please refer to these sources for date information. If you have questions regarding materials that can be accepted at this event, please contact the Public Works Department more information.

Sickles Sanitation and Northwest Regional Landfill:

If you need to dispose of bulk items outside of the set bulk collection days in April, please contact Sickles Sanitation in the Industrial Park on the west side of Town at (928) 684-0303 or Northwest Regional Landfill, on Deer Valley Road in Surprise, at (623) 584-6065 for information.