Business License

Business Licenses & Special Event Permits

The Town of Wickenburg requires anyone conducting business within the Town limits to obtain a Business License issued by the Town Clerk's Office. The fee for the Permit varies depending on the type of business and location. The fee is based on a calendar year or a season, and is non-transferable. If you are a solicitor / peddler / transient merchant (door-to-door), please fill out both the Business License Application and Supplemental Solicitors / Peddlers / Transient Merchants Application.  If you have a home based business in Wickenburg, you will need to fill out the Home Occupation Business Affidavit and turn it in with your Business License.  When the completed form is returned to the Town Clerk, it will be processed and you will be notified when the actual License is ready to be picked up or be mailed after payment is made.  You should have the business license posted at your business or with you if you are selling anything within the Town of Wickenburg.  If you need directions on how to apply for your Transaction Privileged Tax (TPT) otherwise know as your Sales Tax Number, please click on the link for the AZ Taxes Account Setup Directions as those numbers are issues by the Arizona Department of Revenue. For questions about the business license please contact Pam Black at 928-684-5451 ext. 1569.

Special Event Permit Application

The town also has a Special Event Permit Application for any business or organization that is planning an event within the Town of Wickenburg limits. The application is required 30 days in advance of the event to be submitted to the Town Clerk's Office for processing. The application is mandatory for any special event held in Wickenburg on Town property or private property. For the specifics on when it is required, please visit the Special Events Page. There is no charge to the organization sponsoring the event, in most cases, but there is a $25 charge for each vendor involved in the special event.

All forms can be accessed in the Document Center (top right) then look under the Clerk's folder for the forms or there are links below. If you would like assistance or clarification on filling out any of these forms, please contact the Town Clerk at 928-668-0517.

Downloadable Forms

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