Water Distribution

The Town of Wickenburg’s Water Operations Division is responsible for pumping, storing, testing, distributing and metering nearly 1.6 million gallons of water per day to area residents. This water supply is obtained from the Upper Hassayampa Basin Aquifer, one of the best water sources in the State of Arizona. Five well sites pump water to six water storage tanks, with a total capacity of 4.3 million gallons of water. This water is then distributed to customers through 55.4 miles of piping that is maintained by the Public Works Water Operations maintenance crews.
We are fortunate that Wickenburg’s water is supplied from one of the best sources. We live in the desert which means water is our most precious and vital resource. We must all do our part to use water wisely and ensure an adequate and safe water supply for future generations. Water conservation will not only help save water, it will also save you money on your utility bill. Visit the Water Use It Wisely website for a variety of easy water conservation tips that will have minimum impact on your lifestyle.

The Town of Wickenburg is proud of the excellent water quality available to customers and works diligently to assure the delivery of safe and dependable drinking water. The water system is operated in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act and the State of Arizona’s Drinking Water Rules. The Town meets this responsibility by performing regularly scheduled water testing and maintaining the Town's Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP). A Certified Tester List is available from the Water Department.

The Town’s annual Consumer Confidence Report, summarizing the results of testing conducted on the Town of Wickenburg’s Municipal Water System is also available online or by contacting the water department. This report is updated in July for the previous calendar year. The Wickenburg Ranch annual Consumer Confidence Report is also available.

For questions regarding your service please contact the Utility Department at Town Hall 928-684-5451 ext. 1520