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The Bats and Buzzards on the Bridge event celebrates the important role the Wickenburg area plays in the journey of countless migratory birds and bats, and the everyday lives of our resident wildlifeThis fall event focuses on the spectacular migration of turkey vultures and Mexican free-tailed bats that roost at the Hassayampa River bridge in town.

This will be a virtual program this year and we encourage you to check out the great resources available on the
Facebook event page and our website page. However, we still invite you to watch this amazing migration spectacle in person while observing the CDC safety guidelines for physical distancing. Make sure to check out the “Welcome Wickenburg” video from our favorite turkey vulture, “Mojo”!

During September 18th thru October 6th, we can view the peak fall migration of the hundreds of ‘buzzards’ that are roosting nightly in the large trees around the Hassayampa River. The best view is from the Hassayampa Event Bridge looking to the east as the vultures perch in the large eucalyptus and cottonwood trees along the riverbed. At the same time, unknown to the drivers passing by, thousands of bats are roosting right under the US-60 bridge! Just as the vultures are settling in for the night, the bats fly out near sunset to feed on the many insects also sharing the night sky over the river and surrounding desert. The prime viewing week is September 20th thru 26th, but they will be migrating from mid-September through early October.  Our partners have provided informative and entertaining videos, articles, stories, and printable kid’s pages to help our community learn about this awesome natural occurrence in Wickenburg.

Welcome Wickenburg

Greetings from Mojo Video

Bats - Fantastic Beasts

Bats - Fantastic Beasts Video

Bats and Burned Forests

Bats and Burned Forests Video
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