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Historic downtown Wickenburg is a great place to go into business! We have locations available for restaurants, retail shops, or offices.

Downtown Wickenburg is home to several great restaurants and popular bars. Open your new place and add to the lively mix of restaurateurs, and capitalize on Wickenburg's hungry and thirsty crowds.

Looking for a gift, western wear, cowboy clothing, fine art, antiques, jewelry, or more? Do you have a shop that would add to our mix of local shop owners? Downtown Wickenburg is a popular tourist destination, evidenced by the many folks strolling through our downtown sidewalks and shops. Come join this eclectic mix of unique shops that makes Wickenburg a one-of-a-kind destination.

There are various types of local business services based in historic downtown Wickenburg. Whether you need to check out a book at the library, get a haircut, or an insurance quote, we've got you covered! Office suites are available.

Entertainment District

In May 2017, downtown Wickenburg was designated as an Entertainment District by the Town Council. Come join us for shopping, dining, entertainment, special events, concerts, art walks, and so much more.

Businesses Selling Alcohol
No need to worry about the 300 foot restriction area for alcohol sales in downtown Wickenburg! Being an entertainment district, the 300 foot requirement can be waived with a properly approved liquor license application.

The Entertainment District boundaries include the area east of the BNSF railroad, south of Sols Wash, west of the Hassayampa River, and generally bounded on the south by the Hassayampa Elementary School.

Redevelopment Area

A Redevelopment Area is an area of the Town designated by the Town Council to be in need of revitalization. The Redevelopment Area will help spur development and adaptive reuse of vacant or underutilized structures and land.

Establishing a Redevelopment Area is a necessary step for adding economic tools like the Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET). Additionally, a Redevelopment Area makes available certain federal funds to be used to enhance neighborhoods and business districts. Activities may include renovation to buildings, new construction and neighborhood amenities.

The Town of Wickenburg does NOT record a property's inclusion in a Redevelopment Area. The designation of the Redevelopment Area is NOT intended as a reflection of specific properties in the Area.


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